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para una instalación adecuada

During the Installation of a Sequential Gas System, probably for reasons of urgency, not every precautions or every necessary operations are carried out correctly in order to avoid problems. Let's see some of the most common situations we face during our OnlineTechnical Assistance Sessions.


Posizione Errata

To make the holes for the Nozzles for Gas on the Manifold, use an Air Compressor in order to avoid that the chips, whether they are made of plastic or, even worse, of metal, can go inside the engine, maybe at the bottom of a Valve, preventing its complete closure. Blowing Pressurized Air inside the Manifold, when drilling, the chips will instead be expelled outside.

Posizione Errata

To make the first hole use any socket on the Manifold destined to other devices; once the first is done, it is easier to continue taking advantage of it and closing the others.

Posizione Errata

If you can not use an Air Compressor, a second best solution is to plenty dip the drill bit into the grease, which will capture a large part of chips.


Verso Errato

Not all the Tanks for Gas arrive cleaned to the workshops, and therefore it's good practice to insufflate High Pressure Air, in upside down position, via an extension pipe, to allow the escape of any dirt or iron filings, thus preventing that the smaller particles could bypass the filters, determining leakages in the Reducer or in the Injectors.


Riduttore Alto

Before performing the Calibration of a system, fill the tank with a Gas quantity which is at least beyond the Reserve, to make sure that the suction takes place in liquid phase. It is not rare to see Calibrations made with fillings of just a few liters of Gas, consumed in part to return to the workshop from the Service Station, in part for the first tests ... Take the good habit to include in the quotation for your Clients also the amount for half refilling of Gas.


Vacuum Lungo

DO NOT use for the Level Indicator the same Ground of the Multivalve's Solenoid because, when powered, it generates a voltage that could alter the reading. In the example reported above, assuming that the Ground of the wire resistance of the solenoid is optimistically 1ohm, the voltage present on the negative pole of the Solenoid will NOT be equal "to zero" as hoped, but 0.63volts, enough to distort the reading of the Signal from the Gauge. Use therefore either two separate Ground wires, both connected directly to the control unit, or to the battery, or separate them by connecting one of them to the car body. TO KNOW IF THE LEVEL INDICATOR Ground IS GOOD or suffers the effect of the Solenoid, do this: staying on Petrol Mode, give and remove the power to the Solenoid by clicking and releasing the button to Open and Close the Solenoid Valve 


and observe the Blue Bar of the Level Indicator; if the Ground is good, the Bar does not undergo any change for the duration of this test, but if the Blue Bar moves quickly after every click, the Ground must be corrected as described above.



Diverso Map

Although it is very convenient (and, unfortunately, very practiced) it is absolutely to avoid the connection of the ECU's Connector to the Control Unit, before the Wiring has been completed. This could easily lead to the breaking of the microprocessors of the ECU or of the Switch.



The passage of the cable of the Commutator Switch inside the cabin, is a delicate and a little boring operation, often hampered by taping of the fairleads probe used in the junction. A simple and fast solution to reduce bulk is to use the same transparent protective shrink tube, present on the cable, for the attachment of an electric wire on which it is practiced a knot on the head; lock the wire by heating the sheath to reach almost the melting point, then join the edges with a plier, chamfering the corners by a nippers. Let it cool completely, until it hardens.


Tubi Asimmetrici

Always choose to have a position for the Switch that can be easily reached from the driver's direct gaze, unimpeded from the steering wheel or other objects, without having to bend down, distracted from driving



It is very easy to break an ECU fitted with a metal casing, even just touching the positive of the battery. The circuit Ground is in fact always connected to the casing, which is therefore also on the Ground. That's why it's always advisable to disconnect the ECU Connectors before every move. However, it could take comfort knowing that our LIFETIME Guarantee also protects against trivial mounting incidents like this.


In the Troubleshooting of malfunctioning, especially in the maintenance of old systems using old Reducers or old Injectors, the following tests can be useful. TO KNOW IF THE INJECTORS ARE LEAKING just make the following simple test: staying on Petrol Mode, applying power to the Solenoid,



by clicking on the button to Open the Solenoid valves and releasing it so that the Solenoid valves are switched off again, and observe the Gas Pressure. If it remains stable everything is fine, but if it decreases to the Atmospheric Pressure of about 1 bar, with a certain speed, there is probably a leak after the Reducer, and probably on the Injectors (or some loose clamps).



Similarly, TO KNOW IF THE VACUUM MEMBRANE OF THE REDUCER IS BROKEN it is sufficient to keep the engine on Petrol Mode and watch: if the Pressure of Gas drops below the Atmospheric Pressure, reaching the same value of the MAP,

it means that the Membrane of the Vacuum is broken, or the bolt that holds the plate of the Spring of the Reducer is not tight, allowing Gas leaks, or some injectors is leaking.

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