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K2 has been upgraded, becoming K2+! Like POWERFUeL it is now able to open any Gas Injectors with injection times shorter than 1 msec!


Increasingly high Performance

Same characteristics as the K2 but with the substantial difference that UNICA has the same management of the Gas Injectors, patented for POWERFUEL, with an adjustable high voltage peak. This means that the control unit has the possibility to open any kind of
Gas Injector in less than 1 msec, even those injectors on the market which are more difficult to be opened, since they need opening time of 3, 4 or even 5 msec.

The vehicles change the music with UNICA and become fluid as never, in any driving condition, always running on Gas, no artifice of tricks to run on Petrol mode when the situation is no longer manageable on Gas mode.

Indispensable when working with higher pressures, like CNG, or with very small injection times like Full-Group, Semi-Sequential, Valvetronic or Turbo injection engines or in the event of a cold starting on LPG when the engine is cold or without the use of Petrol tank (mono-fuel systems).

Even the old and dirty injectors come back to life with UNICA!

An incomparable treasure!



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Once you buy an ECU from us, you will never trash it !

Wiring Diagram


- Total Self Adjusting
By a single click on a button of the software you can run the self calibration of the system, always staying in idle, without problems of engine’s  shutting down, without worrying about any inversions of the pipes of the pressure sensors, or if the cooling fan turns on, or if the engine is valvetronic type, turbo charged… because everything will be performed automatically

- On board OBD Scan tool

for European, American and Asiatic Vehicles
You can avoid the use of external engine diagnosis tools, with the advantage you can visualize all the engine’s parameters while testing the gas equipment, thus verifying the accuracy of all the settings

- Self Control by OBD connection (PATENTED SYSTEM since 2004)
By data coming from the direct connection to the petrol ecu, the gas ecu can control in real-time the results of the quantity of gas injected into the engine, in order to have a perfect carburetion in every single moment, making impossible the lighting up of the MIL

- Black Box for continuous self-learning
All the gas parameter are memorized in the gas ecu and updated continuously to allow more and more accurate and fast corrections, thus improving continuously the drivability of the vehicle

- High Voltage Peak for the best opening of the Gas injectors (PATENTED SYSTEM)
This feature allows the best opening of the gas injectors even in condition of dirty gas or with very short injection times, comparable with the same of the petrol injectors, particularly useful for full-group, semi-sequential injection, valvetronic, turbo
engines or during a cold starting or vehicles without the tank for petrol

- Self Cleansing of Petrol Injectors (PATENTED SYSTEM)
It is possible to let the petrol injectors open at preset  time, to allow their cleaning from the stagnant petrol that could affect their correct operation and to protect the valves without external devices

- Direct Injection
It is possible to convert Direct Injection vehicles without worrying about the model of the car or the type of the engine

- Self changing over to Petrol mode for Lean mixture,  low Pressure or OBD errors
It is possible to protect the correct operation of the engine by some features allowing the self changing over to petrol in case of faults in the gas system due to the persistent condition of lean mixture, or in case of MIL error codes

- Self changing over to Gas mode
Every time the gas is over the automatic switching over to petrol will occur; the ecu will automatically change over again to gas after having refilled the tank

- Performance optimizer with Gas saving feature
Some features allow to have good performance without affecting the normal consumption of the cars
For greater accuracy in controlling the quantity of the Gas in the Tank, especially useful for LPG, which is Liquid in continuous motion, and for vehicles generally not equipped with indicators such as boats, three-wheels, scooters, etc.

- Force maintenance, password protected
It’s possible for the installers to use their own password to avoid not authorized access to the ecu

- On board Anti-theft  password protected
It’s possible to use the gas Ecu to immobilize the engine by a secret code

- Not expert drivers safety, password protected
It’s possible to use the gas ecu to limit the speed of the vehicle by a secret code

- Events Recorder
The software allows to record in a file all the events, just in case you need to examine the results after coming back to the workshop from a road test; you can send this file also to receive remote assistance. We have this and other features since 2000

- Software and Firmware upgradeability
Both Software for PC and firmware for ecu are easily upgradable by an internet connection.
App are also available, Software for Android and iOS phone and tablet

- Mechanical parts test
A detailed test allows to determine easily the parts of the system suspected of malfunctioning, set the gauge of any type, adjust the buzzer volume of the switch, perform power tests, as well as sizing the nozzles prior to use them

- Diagnosis on the Commutator Switch
The switch isn’t just a simple button for switching over from gas to petrol and to control the gas level indicator, but it is an effective diagnostic tool that allows the adjustment of the system even without using a PC

- Exclusive Software for the User
The only system having a software interface for the driver, to supervise consumption, performance, anti-theft and speed limiters secret codes.

- REMOTE ASSISTANCE directly in the Software
You don't need any external viewer to receive assistance, any program to download, no licence, no complicated ID and Password, no program or service running on your PC even when not connected. Just one click and you are already connected to the technical support, sharing your screen and chatting interactively

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Innovation is our passion. We are continuously searching for new ideas and our great challenge is to realize them, often going out of the customs consuetudes

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