the 10 commandments
for a good installation


Posizione Errata

DO NOT place the ECU near direct heat sources and far from the possibility of air exchange

Posizione Buona

Always place the ECU in a location that can be easily reached by the outside air coming through the radiator, preferably close to the battery, on the outer side of the engine compartment

Verso Errato

DO NOT place the control unit with the connector upwards as the condensation would not find a way out

Verso Corretto

Place the ECU vertically with the connector downward, to facilitate the outflow of any condensate. If it's not possible to use the position just suggested, opt for the horizontal position


Riduttore Alto

DO NOT place the Reducer higher than the radiator, because any air present in the pipes would stop in the Reducer preventing the circulation of the water, with the risk of freezing and damaging the membranes

Riduttore Basso

Place the Reducer below the top of the radiator, so that any air present in the pipes can be purged normally

Vacuum Lungo

NEVER place the Reducer in a way that the hose of the MAP engine Vacuum is too long otherwise, in case of rapid acceleration, the reaction of the Reducer's membrane will become slow, out of sync, with poor performance

Vacuum Corto

Try to keep the TOTAL length of the Vacuum hoses (Reducer pipe + Pressure Sensor pipe) always less than 60 cm! Should this be impossible, consider the possibility of using a copper pipe with just two small rubber ends


Diverso Map

The two pipes of the Reducer's Vacuum and of the Pressure Sensor must NOT be connected at different points, as the measured pressure may be different, with the risk of possible changing over to Petrol mode even when the Gas tank is still full

Stesso Map

The depression for the Reducer and for the Pressure Sensor has to be taken from the same point of the manifold, by a T joint

Iniettore Sbagliato

DO NOT place the Injectors tilted, with the coil downward, because any residual in the Gas, especially if LPG, can stagnate, hardening and blocking the movement of the shutter or restricting its hike

Iniettore Corretto

Place the Injectors preferably upright or, if absolutely necessary, tilted so that the residues of the Gas can flow into the engine, without stagnate in the shutter head. Try to keep the length of the pipes always less than 10 cm!


Tubi Asimmetrici

DO NOT use pipes of too much different lengths or it will generate an asymmetrical injection which could cause instability

Tubi Simmetrici

The best solution is to split the Injectors in 2 pairs. Alternatively, a compromise solution consists in lengthening the two central pipes, inverting them if necessary, but in the latter case the electrical connectors (only for the Gas Injectors) must also be reversed!



DO NOT feed 2 groups of Injectors starting from the extremity, because the last Injector would receive a quantity of Gas by far lower than the first Injector, especially under load


Always feed 2 groups of Injectors from the center, for a more uniform distribution of the Gas


DO NOT install the nozzles of the Injectors too distant from the Petrol Injectors, because the excessive distance not only creates a delay in the Gas flow time, but it accentuates the Gas suction phenomenon from a cylinder by the adjacent cylinder; and sometimes anticipating the injection time electronically doesn't completely solve this mechanical defect


The best solution is to not exceed the maximum distance of 5 cm. If this is not possible, a compromise solution is to use a Copper or Teflon pipe for bringing the injection point to the valves


An old or dirty spark, which in Petrol mode does not give any problems, may cause misfirings only when running on Gas


The poor efficiency of all components subject to wear is the most common cause of issues of a Gas installation, sometimes not found in Petrol mode, like sparks and coils

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